I'll be off for another program... How about you?

Tonight, I will be off to another program in Marang, Terengganu. Its a community service and a foster family program in a fishermen village of Rhu Muda dan Rhu Muda Baru village. I guess I'll be continuing the previous post of IYEP revisited next week as I'll be in Marang until this coming Sunday.

It's quite tiring having series of program continously. But in other hand, I feel really satisfied with all these. Just hoping for mardhatillah so it will counted as good deeds.

How I hope that my fellow collegues in PKPIM and PERKEPIS are not wasting their time for nothing. There's a lot of troublesome issues to be settled and most of it is happening within our Malay or should I say Muslim community. Do we really think and act like a vicegerant of Alah in this world?

And all the fussy issues of inter-religious relations in Malaysia. Muslims are seen as not being tolerate, sensitive and understanding towards the fellow non-Muslim reagrdless whether they are Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs or any else. And for the Muslim, they felt that they are being threatened with all the doings of the non-Muslim. Of course, I can't deny that there exist a systemize movement to threatened the position of Islam.

But, as a facts, that there are majority of non-Muslim are actually tried to live in peace and harmony with their fellow Muslim by knowing and understanding us. Now, the question is, did Muslims played their role in this multiracial and religions society of Malaysia? Or we are just sitting comfortably and hoping that the fellow non-Muslim to find out on their own? And we called ourselves is doing da'wa... SHAME ON US!

Really hoping that I would be able to experience the longwaited dream of a peaceful and harmonious multi racial and religions society of Malaysia. Do you share the same dream as me?
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