IYEP has end... but another else to go

IYEP had just end yesterday afternoon but I can only get back at Anjung Rahmat on 6.30 p.m. after sending two of the participants to the LCCT (my fellow Sarawakians) and Kak Sora to KLIA (on her way to Singapore). I was driving slow knowing that the car starting to go left and right, actually its not the car's foult. It was me, feeling sleepy enough to make the car out of the road!

Well, this is not the summary for the whole programme. Just telling you guys how wonderfull the programme was except for the visit to the mosque (hit here to know why). I'll be writing the summary inshaAllah another time (is there really another time?)

You know why, just as i reached Anjung Rahmat, I was being assigned to another programme that will start tomorrow at Setapak! I asked for a simple job though. You can't imagine how hard it was to accept it. But, if not of the resolution of the IYEP that I remember most, i might have rejected it. You know what it is? "Its time for action!"

Tonight, I should be attending HAKIM discussion, but up until now, I haven't decided yet as the my finance is constraining me. or should I go to the PEMBELA meeting that will not consume any cost? Let God decide (???)...

Hoping that I have the time to get my writings draft ready to be published in this blog next week in the Setapak programme.. Really hard for me to let my blog unupdated as theres too many things to be shared with you guys.

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