We Are Coming To A Non-Conscience Society

I was just back from the Inter-Civilizational Youth Engagement Programme (lYEP), at the JUST office in PJ. Associate Professor Dr. Kamar Oniah was also with my friend and me in the car as she ask to be sent home due to the time is getting late on our way back. It was an honour to be in the same car with one of my respected academician and moreover to exchange and share thoughts in regards to the current issues in the Muslim world.

She starts talking even when she start sitting in the back seats of the car until she walk out. It’s very astonishing to find her to be very strong as her age, still being able to travel alone here and there just to convey to the world the right perception of Islam.

She was to conclude his final assessment to her book (about to be published soon enough). She even shares the main ideas of hers in the book with us. And I was very interested with this one point that she sated that;

We… are becoming to a non-conscience society

And I ask why? She then asks me back;

“Don’t you even see around you?”

People, here and there is started to ask about their individual rights in the name of human rights. As for instance, in the case of Lina Joy had showed enough signal that people are becoming to selfish to think and accept others rights.

Even, they are talking about how to respect others right; don’t they even think how to respect the society’s right?

Yes, Lina Joy does have rights to bring her case to be highlighted that she was being discriminated by Islam, Muslim and its laws. But don’t the people even think what the right of the Muslim as a society is? Don’t they even think of the right of Islam?

They only think to what they perceived and what THEY WANTED… it’s an individualistic attitude. That is why; nowadays people are becoming very individualistic and thus borne out the non-conscience society. They don’t even think what are the right and the future becoming of the society when people are being left to determine their own rights.

Selfish, greediness, materialistic, do not care of others are the future becoming of the society as they individually being left to say that;


Society will be corrupted with these elements and thus, being a non-conscience society. Every one are reaching for their rights but neglecting the society’s rights.

Now, you think how if I say that it is my rights to step into your house and do anything I wanted to do and claim that it is my right of freedom of movement and you cannot stop me.

How would you feel? How would you react? How would you perceive it?

Don’t you feel annoyed? Don’t you feel angry? Don’t you think that it violates your right?

Now, can you even think, what Islam and the Muslim are feeling right now? When people are too anxious due to the highlighted case to get and involved into the Islam within? And started to determine for their own selves, what Islam should be?

Now, let’s ponder about it…

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