First Zuhr of the New Semester

The feeling I experienced during the Zuhr prayer I had at the AIKOL's Musolla this afternoon was a long waited one. It has been a long time as I could ever remember that I had ever had that feeling during a prayer. The feeling of being closer to Allah.

I didn't know what are the factors leading to that short spiritual experience. The feeling is too hard to be described. The feeling of safety and security, peace and harmony, love and passion. It was really pleasing to experienced it especially during this period of time. It was really a satisfaction.

The prayer was lead by Prof. Dr. Razali Nawawi (first president of ABIM) who was wearing full working suit with his black 'songkok'. His voice saying the 'takbir' was very pleasing to be heard. Not too loud and not even too hard to be heard. Just in the middle. Pity him cannot sit in between of two 'sujud' properly due to his health. His determination all his life has gives inspiration to many people.

In my left was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Shihabuddin al-Sagoff who once had tought me Tort and Contract in my second year of LLB study. And in my right was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Yunus who tought me Evidence last semester.

Only that I feel bad and guilty for lying to Prof. Dr. Razali Nawawi. He asks me to have a lunch with him. I felt very shy to accept it, nevertheless I hold him in his hand leading him to the cafeteria. On our way, Dr. Zulfaqar Ramlee greets him. He then asks him to join lunch also.

On that time, I really had to reject his kind invitation knowing that if I accept it I will be having lunch with two Ph.D holders on the same table. Thus, I told Prof. Dr. Razali Nawawi that I am not able to have lunch with him as I have a class on two which is in by five more minutes (which actually I don't).

I felt really bad for that...