I Don't Know

We've just finished the Kem Berambeh Selasih '07 at Kg. Changkat yesterday. It is so tiring to be the program full time driver. Picking and deliveing the particiants to the IIUM, IIC, Taman Melati Putr Station, UTMKL and many other places.

Nevertheless, it is still a satisfaction to have all these. Get to meet the PERKEPISIAN. There are about 30 of us. Get to know each other irregardless of whether he or she is new in the house or not.

Although all of the good memories in the program. Yet there has been something that hurt very much. About this one guy that I had known since high school. Really hate it to talk about him. So, just forget it.

I don't know if there is time for me to write about the program throughly. As there has been many articles that are still pending to be completed. I haven't finished yet the IYEP revisted, Kuasa Mahasiswa Kuasa Perubahan, about the DAP forum on Lina Joy, Lina Joy case itself and many things that are still left in the head unable to be joted down. I would really need an 8th day for my week.

As the semester has gone for 2 weeks already, I discover, the academic workload would be heavier from month to month. Despite the activites that I cannot resist in PKPIM and PERKEPIS, I have to spent my time for my studies smartly. Or else...

Even I don't know what is actually I want to tell you guys here. May be next entry would be better. If I am ready...
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