I'm Fed Up With Certain Type of People

I’m fed up working with certain particular of people that makes me want to vomit. I find it really hard to work with them when their surface appearance did not reflect what they have inside. They are talking nice and in certain aspect threatening you with their feel of full of power as if that they knew everything and knew anybody.

This is whom I firstly would not say that they are my true friends. Their hands reaching out to you as if wants to makes friends with you but another hands are holding tight something that you would never know that always makes you feel insecure when being with them. They have this something always be with them as it is their bible so as to run their annoying conduct. Along with their brethren who happens to be in the same alliance that goes against the flow of the honesty in friendship.

This people often presume and make dreadful assumption leading to their filthy nonsense assumption towards others. To achieve only one that is to make you feel bad of yourself and thus have sympathy on them as if they were the one who are being wronged and us to be blamed. Their presumption always led them to their bad misconception towards others and often enough hurt others feeling. They did not stop making this presumption although it has hurt the others and stands for it with their full energize ego as if they are holding the definition of truth.
They talk and talk until their mouth running dry. But I haven't seen one single thing done by them for the betterment of the organization and what more the ummah. I 've work with this type of people and I get bored with their late and untrusworthy works. Not a sinle one of their works resulted to the end. Often it will hang on and on until people around them get bored asking when are they going to finish their work. Even a simple task of contacting or just emailed a letter, it takes them months...

This type of people would never ever be trusted. They are as if standing on your way, blocking the sun from reaching out to you. They prefer to be the one who gets the sunshine and then only passed it to you. So that they show their superiority over you and as if wants to make you to feel very dependent to him although you have many other choices than being one.

Who do they think they are? You answer me!!!