It Has Been So Long...

It has been so long that I left this blog unattended. Time constrain with all the assignments, presentations, tests and activities has keep me away from updating this blog. Here now, I found so little time just being able to say HI! with the new poster of Bro. Muhtar.
Hey, why not you vote for him also? Dont miss your oppurtunity to exercise your rights... so called to be it :)
Theres a lot of interesting happenings lately. Be it happy or sad, its still an experience of life to be enjoyed and to be thankful for it. Its the clour of life that makes life more interesting and not less daring. Thank God for giving all the colours so that I could tell which is ringht and which is wrong... and even so, now, I really could tell, which is friend and which is "not a friend".
With all of the rush in IIUM in its way to faced the campus electeion. I really feel that this year, it is not as hot as last year. Or maybe theres a silent strategy being on not known to me. As I do admit my ignorance lately of the current issues, be it in campus ot outside.
I'm facing a very hard time now. Life feels so tiring when we are being stabbed at the back. Even more tragic, it is your friends who does that. Feels very lonely, moreover when you are given such a big responsibilities.
Theres to many things that I've overlooked. Especially when it comes to my Usrah PERKEPISMA. I've just heared that one of my usrah members only eat with RM2 per day for weeks. He doesnt even tell me his finacial problems. He should have told us as his usrah members. What is an usrah for then?
Another one semester to go, then I'll be out from IIUM and the "mission" will start for really. Theres people said that once you are out from university, you will be missing it. I dont really know whether it is true for me. Truth is subjectives for every different people. Some peoples regards truth when others regards it as not. I do feel that, I am actually missing to be out of university.
I guess, I hope, my next entry will not take too long to be publish...
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