Siddiq Fadzil: ATrue Activist

Siddiq Fadzil’s (Dato’ Dr.) speech has never fail to impress. It gets even better and better as time goes by. I still remember the first time I have heard his speech. It is during my first year in Matriculation Centre of IIUM in 2002. Now, in my final year of my undergraduate studies and yet, he still amaze me with his superb observation on the Malaysian society with his fantastic explanation picturing his grab on the issues being raised.

I still remember the first quotation that I learned from him on picturizing the condition of the new generation of Malaysian. As he said;

We are flooded with idols and yet are in desperation of examples

As time goes by, he has been my main reference in talking and writing on the topics of socio-cultural-political issues of Malaysia. I often quoted from him in most of my speeches addressed to my juniors in PKPIM, PERKEPIS and even to my fellow public audience.

His analysis on the socio-cultural-political issues often up to date and being deeply inter and intra connected with the current affairs happening within and outside Malaysia. He even integrate his analysis wit his gifted level of intellectual which I supposed come from his experience being deeply involved in the grass root level of activism during his period of leadership of PKPIM and ABIM in the early 70’s and mid 80’s. I supposed also that his habits of reading being merged with his passion and spirit to up bring the reformation of the society in order to achieve the Madani Society.

Being able to hear his speech live is an outstanding experience of intellectual journey through out the hours of his lectures. Stepping out after his lectures would cause a great sigh in what ever that it would means. Being overly filled, desperation, frustration, hunger, passionate, spiritually high, as I say, in whatever means depends on how you value it.

I am overly excited to get the chance last Saturday to hear his speech live in Kolej Darul Hikmah entitled “Pencerdasan dan Penyadaran: Pengaktualisasian Daulat Rakyat Dalam Sistem Demokrasi” (I am very sorry, I am not able to translate it into English fearing it would change the actual meaning). Despite finishing my late night discussion last night at 2.30 a.m. with my fellow mates on our research project on The Quality of Sarawakian Muslim University’s Students; my eyes are widely open not to miss a single word of his speech that starts on 9.00 a.m. about hour an a half.

I was even stunned at the first moment hi start his speech when he describe of the Malaysian condition on her current 50th birthday of independence signifies the sincerity of our forefather but has also shown the material-individualism selfness of the descending generation of ours.

No more I can say, he has put his thoughts on its own level. His significance as the one that once lead PKPIM, ABIM and now WADAH has showed his devotion and contribution through out his life to engineer changes in this society of ours which he has never given up on. I ended up my day thinking of proposing to ABIM to instituted Siddiq Fadzil’s School of Thought. What says you?

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