Sarawak & Sabah Saves BN Asses

National Coalition (Barisan Nasinal-BN) should thanked Sarawak and Sabah for keeping them moving on. Although its just a simple majority, but in this situation, BN needed it badly. If it is not for the Sarawakians and Sabahans, BN should be called as "opposition" today!

The rebordering of the Parliamentary seats some years before truely an important move as it sees the raising of Parliamentary seats in Sarawak and Sabah. If it not been made, BN should have to cleared up Putrajaya today to give way for the new elected government. As BN asses keep moving on, their trail in this 12th General Election has cost them much. Morally they are down, as Kuala Lumpur, they only manage to secure Setiawangsa whereas other seats were won by the Alternative Coalition. Not even touching on cost they have spent in this election, BN should consider this to be a major defeat!

The difference of the socio-political surroundings in Sarawak and Sabah has gain BN much. Sarawakians and Sabahans actually dont have quite many choices accept to vote for BN. The Alternative Coalition is not strong in Sarawak as they are yet to find political figure that would lead the coalition to victory. While in Sabah, where PKR should have given a strong fight, has lose to the what I called as hidden strategy of BN. I predicted that the BEBAS candidates were actually sponsored by BN in order to secure BN wins in Sabah. They have strong and giant political figure there but the BEBAS candidates has pushed the votes to them instead of PKR so that if Sabahan were really angry at BN, they have other many choices rather than picking PKR.

If I were to be asked, why Sarawakians and Sabahans were not in the mood to accept the big wave of change in Peninsular, I would answer, the Alternative Coalition should have to focus more on the building of the inner-strength of the wave of change rather than just being filling the jigsaw puzzle with a wrong jigsaw.