Just Came Back from KL...

I just came back from Kuala Lumpur (KL) this morning. Luckily the flight is on schedule which is a rare case for Air Asia's flight (sorry, no offend huh). I should be attending Majlis Perundingan Belia Negara (MPBN) meeting on the 14th of May at PICC, Putrajaya but it was canceled last minute to give way for the Prime Minister program on the same time and date (priority first). Well, nothing I can do about it though but surely I woud not want my trip to KL to be a waste.

To replace the canceled MPBN meeting, Mujahedd Nasir and I visited Dr. Mohd. Farid Shahran at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and we are having a chit chat of the current happenings.

When I bought my tickets to KL, I never imagined that I would be attending Majlis Maulid ar-Rasul & Haul Syaikh Abdul al-Jailani. The schedule of the program just happens to be within my trip to KL. Well I say, this is a program that I will not miss.

Remembering the story being told by Syaikh Muhammad Fuad Kamaluddin al-Maliki during my attendance in his class on Friday night at Darul Maliki, Ampang. He did not planned on visiting Almarhum Habib Ali al-Aidrus who just recently pass away and if so, he did not even thinking of able to get inside the the late habib's house to pay respect to the habib as the visitors of the late habib reach thousands. All he plan was only to pray for the habib from outside the house. But if it is Allah's will, then it will be. He, of among others was being pulled inside the house of the late habib and was given the honor to be one of the people to managed the late habib's body. Habib Ali al-Aidrus would be remembered as one of the awliyaillah as-sholihin. Al-Fatihah.

So, nothing in the world would ever changed the Allah's will. No matter how hard you try, but the success of our efforts never lie on it. It lies on Allah's will. But never should it be used to excuse us from making any efforts to achieve something in our life. Our efforts must goes on but do not rely on it. Because of our ignorance of the happenings of the future that we are obliged to make a rightful choice to achieve a rightful objectives of our lives. 

Alhamdulillah, being able to attend Majlis Maulid ar-Rasul & Haul Syaikh Abdul al-Jailani at Masjid Negara on the 15th of May surely a worthwhile trip to KL. Last year, I attend the same program but this time the attendance is phenomenal. Afham Jauhari and I had to park our car near to Bukit Aman (the PDRM HQ) and walked to Masjid Negara. YDPA Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin was the royal guest that night along with estimated of 20 thousands muslims. The speakers takes turn giving away their speeches and Habib Hasan Muhammad al-Attas, Chairman of Singapore Ba'alawi Mosque lead the Qasidah and Du'a.

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