O Thomas Cup...

For how many months have I left my blog unattended and today, all of the sudden I come up with this entry. After witnessing a frustrating game played by Malaysian team in the Thomas Cup against Japan, it really bothers me although actually I did not hope much.

Let the Malaysian team for Uber Cup aside, I really don't understand with the performance showed by our team when meeting up with Japan. I understand that its their first game as the Nigerians are late, but did I not hear and read all the hustle in the media stating that our team are ready set to go all out?

Even so, its Japan. Hello? How come after you are leading with 2-0 and that does not heat up the other team member? or they just taking it easy and well, we know what happen.

Its common to know that we have in our possession the No.1 world ranked Single and Double Men badminton players. But, it should now be realized that we don't have a No.1 world ranked team. we may be strong as individuals, but as a team, we a way behind. If our No.1 world ranked players decided to retired 2012, then, who do we have to retain the title?

All the controversies surrounding BAM, I guess do affect our player mentally. But, it really does not excused you from winning. The show yesterday I guess is just a result of over confident. Even the commentator says so along with one of our ex- top player.

I woke up this morning just to feel frustrated to see the sport's headlines in the newspaper. Anger, frustrated, ashamed etc... Does our elders feel the same when Japan took charge of us during Japanese occupancy?

Since 1992 we've waited, and now... Sigh... O Thomas Cup, when will you be homed again...
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