Shit Happens...

Its not that something terrible has fall unto me. I just happens to remember a masterpiece film that has give so much inspiration to the world (although I do not know what). The film "Forrest Gump" starring Tom Hanks as the so called hero. The film is fictional but the issues played are for real that happens within us.

Shit happens is actually a phrase which Forrest Gump inspires to a bumper-sticker salesmen. The shit has actually become a fortune for the salesmen. Yeah... shit do happens. It gives the meaning of misfortune do fall unto us every now and then. We can't avoid it as it is like a, how do I call it... a must in our life. Even if you tried to avoid it by having yourself locked up in your room, that itself is a shit for you to have a boring life. Say... when the goings get tough, the tough gets going.

Yes, misfortune do come and goes. Misfortunes in our life is either as a payback for our bad deeds (better than being paid during resurrection) or as a test given to us to make us stronger from time to time (only if you succeeded going through it) or as a sign for us that we have astray from the correct path of our life. So, in a simple world if you shit others, you will be shitted and even if you don't, you will also be shitted to get you to be tougher and if shit is on your way, so have a second thought of pursuing it.

(gambar Utusan Malaysia)

Lets have a look on a recent study case. Sibu Parliament by-election. DAP(PR-yet to be registered) won and SUPP (BN) lose and dont forget our grandpa Narawi Haron (Ind). I say, its a shit for SUPP and Narawi Haron. So, how do we perceive it? Is it a payback for their misdeeds? or is it a test for both loser for them to be tougher? or is it a signal for the losers to get them thinking. "Hm... Is this the right choice?... Is this the best for me?... An I doing good?" Anyway, the perceptions are up to us and each of the candidates. Even if DAP win, the winning itself is a test on how do they manage their winning.

I believe that every shit that happens in our life must be take positively. Live a good life. Don't get upset if you don't achieve what you aim for. Because you never know the future. Then why bother trying? I say, because of not knowing what happen next, that is the great motivation for us to live the life with great of efforts to choose and to try. Only loser stops choosing and trying in their life. They let the shit that happens smeared all over them. 

The result? leave it to Allah as He knows best. Peace!
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