Life Is How We Answer Questions...

I'm thinking of how questions has keep the life rolling all this time. People of various background, no matter how smart or stupid, questions will keep on arising and they have to answer it in order to live their life. People with no answers to the questions they faced will end up dead.

Try this, you were asked to walk down a road. What questions will pop out from your mind? If it is me, I will ask myself or even better, ask the person who ask you to do so, Why should I follow your order? Why must I take this road and not the other one? What is the purpose of walking down this road? What will I discover in the end of the road?

Well, it doesn't matter whether you go on with the walking or not, both of the choices shows your answers. Even if the question just  need a Yes or No answer, believe me, its not easy. Moreover if there are lots of answers. And while you are answering the first questions, you will find another that lie next to keep you busy with the answer you got from the first questions. Now, the puzzle is, which answers is right and which is false?

As I recalled on reminding my mates, your first answer will affect your next one and the one after it and the one after it so on and so forth. So yes, the principle is still the same, you will only benefit if you got the right answers. But how if you got a false answers? Why not? There have been so many events where our leaders have made a wrong choice due to wrong answer. Does it mean that your dead? No.

Thomas Alva Edison succeeded inventing his light bulb after so many error he got from wrong answers. Wrong answers will lead to wrong choices and created error. But, in order to make things correct, errors will let people learn. And how do we suppose to learn from errors?

Think! I'm not asking you to think. But the answer is think! Rene Descartes once said "cogito ergo sum" which means "I think therefore I am". So think. It even have been stated in so many verses in the Quran "afala tatafakkarun" which means "do you not think?". I also recalled one of a quotation I learn that stated that "non thinkers is no good than the dead".

Even the world we are living right now is full of answers that have been discovered by our thinkers. Be it a philosophers or a scholars, or an inventors or a scientists or even a laymen with nothing at all, questions will always be asked and we are in the process of answering it. Correct answers lead to goodness and false answers lead to disaster if we do not take example from the errors of the past.

Every answers in our life will lead to another and another and another. We will not stop from answering questions in our life. We answer questions laid upon us by thinking through the methods that we believe in to get the correct and rightful answers. And do bear in your mind, there will never be a chance to scrub off your false answers from your life but there will always be a U-turn and choose the correct answer.