When You Are No Longer Needed, You Know Its Time To Stop...

I have been thinking quite a while now. All the signs that have been showed to me,  I guess... its really something to be ponder about. Well, one thing needed to be cleared though, its nobody fault. Its just how things work. People came and goes. New faces will emerged and old faces will slowly fade and have their walk through the exit door..

I have been here for nine long years. I have pulled my strengths and spirit to get into this. Nobody was forcing me, even my own parents did not support it. But I kept on going having my life through this lane. I have done so many things to ensure its existence. Likewise, there are also too many that have been left untouched. I guess, every body in here are doing the same with their own level of capacity. But as I said, this nine long years have thought me well. I thanked Allah for that and to all who has been a teacher and friend to me.

Well, recent development in here kept me thinking. I am too "old" now to be here. My leadership, teachings, directions, suggestions are no longer needed. And the funny part for me is, I'm becoming like a parent telling their children the dos and don'ts.

This few days, I have been fighting from within. I don't want to conclude for anybody fault. I also don't want to be seated here and be the black sheep of the family. I'm trying to embrace the fact that, I'm no longer needed here. Yeah, its damn hard for me. 

What is the purpose of me re-elected then? Well, that I cannot answer. Those brilliant people thought wanted me to stay, then I stay just for the sake of principle that I must obey. This time around, I don't think I can handle it any more. I'm stuck here to be blamed for the faults and guess what... its not me taking the good name of the success. Not that I wanted it, but its enough if you just come and talk to me tell to my face if I done something good or even something bad.

Well, look at me bubbling here. But, you know what? I have expected this day would come. Its just the nature order. When you are up, you are up. When you are down, you are down. I don't think I'm suitable to be here anymore with these "angry young people"... They don't need me. They want their own way of driving this society, then be it... as long as you drive it safe and know where you are heading. So, be smart people, because next is my stop...