Burn a Koran Day

I'm not shocked to hear that a pastor named by Terry Jones of USA wants to host an event "Burn a Koran Day" in commemorating the 9/11 tragedy this coming date. Its actually suit the formula of every extremism would only cause another extremism. Its like a "domino effect". Once its started, it will and I say IT WILL lead to a chain of event.

The reports I read does not seem to get into the idea of burning a Koran in remembering those who have die during the New York WTC being attacked. Some says that it will only endanger the lives of USA troops that now all over middle east and thus compromising their "sincere" mission. Others says that its just an act of radicalism that can not be supported. So on and so forth.

Even until now that around the globe are still puzzled by the 9/11 tragedy. It is not confirmed that it was the act of the convicted Muslim. And even if it does, that does not represent Islam. Is it too hard to understand that Islam can not be link with radicalism and extremism. One act does not represent others.

Well, the superiors and authorities in USA better do something about this remote act. I'm not a strong supporter of democracy and I'm convinced uncontrolled democracy will only lead to destruction.
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