Natural and Nurtured Qualities

We are born with natural qualities inside of us. The qualities may or may not be useful for the life that we live for. We may live life which need us to be academically success but later discovered that our natural qualities are not into academics. We may also live life which need us to be phisically tough but later discovered that aour natural qualities are not fit for it. The problem that worth pondering is why do we choose to live a life that does not coincide with out natural qualities?

Here comes what we call as nurtured qualities. Where everyone can live what ever life we may encounter. Essential qualities needed are being nurtured for us to be able to live the life. No matter how stupid we are, we can be nurtured with the qualities needed. All we need is passion and hardworks.

It may look easier for people who live their life with their natural qualities. Well, apparently it is. They have the qualities needed in their life that they lived for. All is swell for them.

But dont we think that it would be a great advantage for people who does not born with the needed natural qualities, that they have to be nurtured with the qualities needed? I say, he who was born with natural qualities plus with nurtured qualities in order for him to live the life that he may accidentally or chose to live for has a double advantage. Besides having nurtured with the needed qualities, dont ever waste your natural qualities. Use it as an added values. We never know as life would changed with the up and downs and the chances would comes now and then.

If you are in an organization. And you think that leadership is just not for you. Well, think again. Nurture yourself with leadership skills. It can be learn with some training and development plus with the experience you put yourself into.You can have a great leadership skills.

If you think you are not a swell businessman. And you think that you just too dumb to get into business with others. Well, think again. Nurture yourself with business skills. It is being thought averywhere. All you need is time. You can be a superb businessman.

And try imagining that these nurtured leader and businessman having a natural qualities. Such as a actoring skills, they might turn into for example; Joseph Estrada, an actor turn President of Phillipine. Or having computering skills, they might turn into Bill Gates, a computer geek turn a billionaire.
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