Typical Father

Whose father would not be shocked to discover their son/doughter's got bruises all of the sudden? I guess none. If there is any, curse you.

Yesterday, to my shocked when I pick Ameen from his nursery to found my son's head got a large blue black bruise on his forehead. It was really a disappointing experience moreover, a week before Ameen has just got bruise on his up right eyes due to a fall (as his guardian says). This recent bruise is bigger than the last time!


His guardian told me that Ameen got it from a fall while trying to walk by side. Yeah right and I don't even care to hear their excuses while I was inspecting my son's forehead. I am a typical father with no medical knowledge or what so ever. Such kind of bruises does makes me wondering the worst to come due to that. Na'uzubillahi min zalik.

I could accept their excuses when Ameen got bruise from his first fall. But for a second bruise from a fall in a near time is annoying! It does implied that either the nursery is lack of staffs or their staffs are just not competent enough. I have filed a complaint to their manager and let just pray that it would never happen for the third time or a law suit will be taken for negligence under S. 12, Civil Law Act 1956!

I understand that this is normal for children. They fall and they climb up again. Its a process to be able to stand, walk and run. But it must be noted that it is the duty of care of the child care center to ensure that our child's safety while their are being sent there. The child care center is hired for that. The failure to execute their responsibilities is non-negotiable for me. It is my son's safety!

Don't  play-play with me ah!
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