A Simple Smile Will Do

People around me says that its hard to see me smiling. People whom does not know me says that its impossible. Well I say, really?

I was known during my school hood to have a Darlie's smile (known as a toothpaste brand). Because of my white shining teeth that would appear every time I smile. And I laugh a lot. I mean a lot! So, I don't actually know why it is hard for others to see me smile now. Is it true that I have lost my sense to smile without me knowing it? Or the time has change and requires a smile to be done a lot.

I smile only when there is a cause for it. I laugh after that if the cause exceeded the limit. And excuse me, I don't smile to stranger. Am i wrong?

Well, i try to reason myself on this smiling issue. I once ask a dear friend of mine to teach me to smile even without a cause and to stranger. I also ask my wife to help train me to be more friendlier with a simple smile to every one. And I've gone through several attempt that did not go well.

There is an occasion where I smile to an elderly Chinese lady. And you know what, the elderly lady stare at me and she look back and then look at me again. And she just walk away without returning my smile. What do I do wrong?

Also, I smile at the children that is playing in front of our house. They stopped and stare at me. They then walk away and continue playing from a farther distance. Really, am I a ghost or what?

I tried to smile at a relatives of mine. If smiling stranger seems awkward so smiling at my own relatives would do. So, there I smile at one of my cousin on an event at my grandfather's house. My cousin approach me and ask, "Why John (my nickname known by family to my maternal side), do I do wrong?" I'm shocked and says "No. You do nothing. I'm just smiling at you". He reply, "Really. So gay of you" and he walk away while laughing. What!!!

Gosh its hard to smile. Do my smile scare people away? Do my smile look weird?

But, not every attempt end disastrously. Just few months back, I remember smiling at an Iban man who gave my wife and me a way to walk in a narrow walkaway at MJC, Batu Kawah. So I smile to show my gratitude. And he smile back at me. I was so happy that I shared my wonderful feeling to be smiled at with my wife all the way back.

I know that its good to smile at others. It gives a wonderful feeling to people to whom you smile at. You give hope, happiness, friendship and love to others when you smile at them. How do I know it? Because I have many of my friends and families who love to smile at me even though they knew that I may not be smiling back at them. They smiled at me even if I did not even give them cause for doing so. They smiled at me because they are wonderful people.

So, am i wrong? YES, I'm definitely wrong. Although my attempt to smile does not encouraging. But the wonderful feeling to be smiled at, is something that every one should have. I believed that love among us would cure our hatred and ill thoughts. And to have that, a simple smile will do.

"... your smile for your brother is charity"
- My beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sayings -

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