Goodness Starts From You

I came across this interesting video clip shared by my colleagues on his Facebook wall. Titled with "Kindness Boomerang - One Day" published by Life Vest Inside. An inspiring and motivating video to create awareness of kind deeds to others. This is something what we really need.

Life Vest Inside is a Non Profit Organization based in Brooklyn, New York. With a mission to create an exciting and accessible kindness experience, so that we will become more aware of the opportunities that surround us and recognize our potential to change the world, simply by changing ourselves. Life Vest Inside visioned a life of living kindly and believing in the inherent good of each individual, so that change is POSSIBLE! 

It All Starts With "You"
By that I didn't mean that kindness should start from you per se. It should start from each and every one of us. DO NOT point fingers on others and say "Hey, you should be kind to me first!". NO! It's "Me", "Us" and "We" that should start being kind to others. Because it all starts with "you".

The game of ping pointing at others would not start a thing nor it will help changing something. In order for a change to take place, there must be a start. Don't wait for others. Its a deed that we can always start on our own. We don't need money to start it. We don't need to be "old" enough to start it. We don't need to wait for others to ask us for it. The starting line is for us to set. The question is when?

When do we start? We DO NOT get started tomorrow or next week or next year. Its NOW and it runs from now on until we die. Times flies away, it does not wait for us. Delaying our start would only make us wasted. But it would never be too late to start being kind and good. Only that, DO NOT DELAY!
We just need a small start to make all the goodness flows around us. Goodness does not count whether our deed is big or small. If its good, its good then. A small step would be a start for a giant leap.

What You Give You Get Back
Its a simple rule of sincerity that what we give we do not expect something back. We DO NOT expect kindness from others when we do good to them. Our act of kindness which is done with an expectation of having back in return the goodness from the person we do good is not how it works. NO! If we do, then it wouldn't be a boomerang as expected in the video. 

Why? When we have some expectation when doing good deeds towards others, we will be disappointed when we do not get what we expected from others. When we are disappointed, we will be frustrated and unmotivated to continue our act of kindness towards others. Change will not come!

Plus when we expect something from what we have done, it will create eventually a selfish society as what we've seen now. We will be picky in acting kind. We will be kind only to whom we believe will benefited us. Change will not come!

I remember a song "What You Give You Get Back" sang by the Scorpions. How then our kindness would start a change? Its a simple concept of "Kindness Boomerang". Just be kind to all. Do good to everyone. WITHOUT any expectation. Eventually, our kindness will come right back at us. That is what it meant by what you give you get back.

The Best Person There Are
Being good and kind to others would make us the best person there are. Why? Because we have make used of ourselves to benefit other. When others benefited from us, it would make their life happier. When their life are happy we will also be happy because we have contributed in making this world to be a better and happier place to live in.

Who else would be the best person if it is not whom benefited others? Imagine us being a complete burden to our family, society or even country. Do they need us? Of course not. We will only make their life harder. Why choose to be a burden when you can start being good and kind?

Of all our good deeds and kindness that we offer to others it will actually make us a better person. The training we've gone through to be kind and good to others may seem to be an act of layering ourselves with a different color from before. But eventually, that new color we layered upon us will be our true self as long as we stay consistent and committed in this efforts of change.


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