Junkfood Anybody?

I've just discovered something about myself that actually is not new. It may have goes on as a routine without me realizing it. Out of my conscience, it has become a habit.

Recently I just check up my weight just to make sure all is in order. With height as "tall" as me, I can't tolerate with a bad weight. To my shocked, my weight increased out of my expectation. Now I say, serious post morterm must be done. This is when I discover a habit of mine that has goes on for a long time.

What? I gain weight when I'm in distress and under pressure. Why? When I'm distressed and pressured, I ate junk food. When I look into it, yeah I guess its true. The mystery of me gaining weight all of a sudden in my final semester during my undergraduate studies is now solved. Junk food!

I thought that I ate a lot so that is why my weight gains. So I fast a lot. But that does not solve the problem. Because I ate junk food for iftar (break fast)!

Am I distressed and pressured now? Yes, of course. Only that, different times comes with different tasks. Different tasks comes with different level of pressure. When the tasks is too many, without proper management of time, distressed is in order.

Back then, I was pressured to complete my undergraduate studies. Plus with my involvement in co curricular activities. I have no time to pleased myself with sports or leisure. Now, I don't think my work would be the cause of distress and pressure. I love my job. The thing that I can't stand about my work is the people around it. Well that is something else.
I don't know about science. So, I can't prove how junk food is bad for your weight. So when you see me eating junk food, be reminded with this entry of mine. Or maybe its not about junk food. Maybe its about stress and pressure management. Maybe.
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