Pneumonia Go Away!

I was planning on something else last weekend with my wife and my son, Ameen. Checking in the hospital was surely not one of it. And there we are, altogether discomfortly finding our place there at Bed No. 12, Pediatric Ward 2B, Sarawak General Hospital. Ameen was hospitalized for Pneumonia (as diagnosed by the specialist here) last Friday and until when was still unsure. What is Pneumonia? Click here...

My wife was in her on call routine when I call her to make know Ameen's worrying condition that starts to worsen from 2 days before. I decided to bring Ameen to the hospital to check him up. Never to have expected that he was going to be admitted. My wife, as busy as her is acknowledging the emergency shifted her on call task to her colleague.

Technically, this is the second time Ameen was hospitalized counting in when he was detained for nearly a week after he was born. To see him wearing the pink patient outfit is really not a pleasant experience that nevertheless has to be gone through. Despite of all that, Ameen was still playful as he was only with unpredictable appetite. Some of the time, he would eat and drink less than usual. What I can be sure, he is grumpier than before.

One of the most hated treatment that Ameen received is when he got to be neb. He would struggle as hard as he could avoiding the neb. I would never have imagine how my wife (whom stayed with him at night at the hospital as the policy stated that only one, either the father or the mother or any appointed guardian can stay with the patient at the pediatric ward) handle him alone during neb time. Only after few days that I found that Ameen has learn that the neb is for his own good as he would then submit to the treatment.

Of all these, Ameen has no sign of slowing down his activity. Following the footsteps of his mother, he is as friendly as he could be. When the nurses pass by his bed, he would then stand at the end and happily wave at them with a big smile on his face. So as the other patient there that he has make friend with. On bed was not on his favorite list. He preferred to be let go on the floor venturing his own steps. Pity for some of the patient there that have been woke up by Ameen's playful actions.

To see the patients there and compare them with Ameen, I was thankful to Allah S.W.T. that what Ameen are going through is not as serious some of the patients there. Its not that I am happy to see the others are more sick than Ameen. Only being thankful that Allah s.w.t. did not test us with a something that we could not bear as a parent. I pray for all of the patients health and may them kindly care for their parents later as how their parents kindly care for  them now.

This is one of the pictures taken while Ameen is playing at the playhouse prepared for the patient at the pediatric ward. We are happy to inform you all that during his stay there, Ameen has discovered how to play with the slide. Looking at him, one would wonder is Ameen really got sick from the pneumonia? I can only smile and say;

"When the going get tough, the tough get going"
To this point, it was still unsure when would Ameen be discharge as he has to complete the medicine given. He is really a strong boy and I hope for kind prayers from you all as I would pray that Ameen would be a benefit for this ummah and Islam as he is so for his family. My prayer that he would find his way in his life to be a best of a person in the best of the ummah. May he be blessed by Allah S.W.T. and beloved by Prophet Muhammas SAW.

Pneumonia go away! Get well soon Ameen. InshaAllah...

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