Don't Ask Questions That You're Not Ready For The Answers

If you are not ready to live with the answers for questions that you ask, don't even bother asking. You will only make your life hard not just for yourself but also for whom your questions are posed. When you ask something regardless of what it is, it signifies that you are willing to hear the answer.

Willing to hear the answer shows that if you agree to the answer, then you are ready to live with it. Or, when you disagree to the answer, then you agree to disagree. Then you can debate and argue it within an ethical manner respecting each others knowledge and information.

Whether you agree or disagree to the answers given, its a different matter. Its a matter of knowledge that you possess and/or information that you perceive. Our agreement or disagreement to something does not make it true or false. True or false has to be based on the authenticity of knowledge and the correctness of an information.

Answers given to us for the questions we ask has to be regarded as views given by the answerer based on the level of knowledge he possess and/or information that he perceive unless we are stupid enough asking questions from a stupid person. So when we ask questions, we ask to a correct person that suit to answer it. We don't ask "How is the weather in Perak?" to person who is in Sabah or "What is a golden ratio? to a lawyer.

Even the questions we ask and how we posed it does indicates the level of our knowledge and/or information. That explains why, among other causes of why we are not ready to live with the answers given because we don't understand it. More important, we don't even understand our own questions.

This is a long discussion. I think I continue later.

So, better be ready and prepared or Don't Ask Questions That You're Not Ready For The Answers.