If You Don't Trust Them, Please Don't Simply Accused Them

Earlier this month, we held the third series of our Tautan Kasih Sukarelawan Al-Falah (SAF) Sarawak at Adis Buan Resort, Bau. Its a training and development based program to equipped our newly recruited members with compulsory skills as volunteers in SAF Sarawak.

This entry is not intended to report the activities we had in the program. Just to touch on a matter that I really should comment, to help us in being a good practicing Muslim. For some it may not be a big deal. For me, even how small the matter would be, if by correcting it would be beneficial, then what wrong does it make?

As some have knew that our participants are from the sidelined youth with various problematic social background. Or some would call them as the 'problematic youth'. Despite of the terms used to define them, it is our aim to get them back in as a respectable person through volunteerism.

During the program, the trainers have lost some items that was needed in conducting activities. And some personal items was also found missing. The sad part was, when some of the trainers was too easy in blaming the participants for the missing items. I was more shocked when a trainer simply accused the participants to have stole the items for personal needs on the ground of their problematic social background.

I don't see their problematic social background as a valid ticket for us to put blame on them for any faulty act. In this case, the missing items. Moreover when the cause of the fault itself was not clearly direct to them. I could think of many causes for the missing items, to name a few; 
  1. the trainer has misplaced the items and forgot where it was last used/seen;
  2. the items were mixed together with unused items when packing it in a hurry to avoid rain;
  3. the items was there at its place, but the trainer failed to search for it;
  4. the trainer has dropped it unknowingly of its missing until it was needed; and many more.
It would be important to note here that our perception does reflects our impression towards them. A low impression more or less will then affect our intention in the program. Thus affect many more such as communication, psychology, approach and more others.Yes, I acknowledge their problematic social background but as I say, it is not a valid ticket. We can be cautious but don't play judge! If we don't trust them, please don't simply accused them.

I was personally assisted by my mentor, Syeed Abdul Hamid Wan Yusuf during his chairmanship of Persatuan Kebajikan Pelajar Islam Sarawak (PERKEPIS) to have a good perception (husnul dhan) towards others even in some situation that would be very much impossible to have it. There is always loopholes here and there that can be utilize for us to avoid bad perception (su'ul dhan) towards others and have good perception instead. Good perception is important to build a best impression towards others. And best impression would always do part in a success of a program.

If we don't have trust on them, then how would we expect them to trust us to lead their way for a better living as human and more importantly as a Muslim? And how would we expect them to be a good Muslim, when we ourselves does not show the goodness of Muslim values. If you really love them as Muslim brothers, then respect them by having trust on them. Believe me, they too want to love, trust and respect at you back. Wallahu a'lam.

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