This is my 1st entry through my new smartphone mobile. A Sony Ericson product, XPERIA PRO. Its hot red with keypad slide despit being a touchscreen.

I have nothing against NOKIA though. Its a good brand with good products. Known for its solid and tough mobile phone. But I decide to change after being loyal for nearly 10 years.

My last NOKIA mobile phone has served me well for three years. I hve nothing to complaint. Its time already that it has to go. After going through much 'torcher' in the hands of my son and me, still at this time, it is still pretty much needed for all the datas it stored inside.

Currently I'm still working in comforting myself with the usage of this XPERIA. Its not easy for me to get my fingers all ready for the new experience with a smartphone. As I also have the tendency to perceive it as a small functioning computer which I later realize that it is too much to expect.

Altough it is a smartphone we can email, make lots of notes and presentation slides, with a desktop, it got RAM and so much alike a computer. But it comes with a limit. It is still just a phone with upgrades here and there to function only a little like a computer.

Well, I hope that it can be a loyal servant to me as good as NOKIA phones. With extra functions and application to ease my life. I change to get better result. And I hope XPERIA is the good choice.

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