Three Years Already

During our honeymoon in Miri
I'm a bit stunt for what my wife wishes me when she kiss my hand after Subh prayer today. "Happy Anniversary sayang..." I pause for a moment and replied "Yes sayang, three years already". She smiled at me and I just stare at her (while smiling in my heart). Really don't know how to express my feelings properly.

Its not that I forget. I know that we were lawfully married on the 20th November three years ago. But I remember the date in a way not like others would seem to remember their anniversaries. Its a date that will eventually come and go every year for my wife and me to know that we have pass another year in our marriage. Alhamdulillah. Its the same how I would perceive my own birthday. 

Clock will always ticking. It will never stop. Life goes on. The past is the past. What matter is how we live our life to have a better future. A better self, better children, better family and better society. History is just a reminder for us to keep walking or even running to build a better outcome from our actions guided by a true and legitimate worldview.

I have no plan to celebrate it as many would do. No flowers, no perfumes and worst, I don't even prepare any wishes to say to my wife. Pity my wife to have such a husband like me. Well, I thank Allah for having her as my wife. She is no left hand for me and neither am I to her. We were both right hand for each other. I can't think of any better woman to be my wife other than her.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you sayang for being my wife, a mother to our children and a doctor for the ummah. Thank you sayang :)

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