I have not posted anything to my blog for a very long time. Its not about time as I (for now) have all the time I needed. And its also not about ideas or news as I have so much to tell. I guess, its just me, not able to find the needs to post it here as Ive been using my Facebook to update everything in short & simple manner.

After so long not visiting my Blogger account, its surprising that Blogger has updated its interface options. Although not as good as Worpress, but still its a positive development. I can live with it. Way to go Blogger, but dont stop here. The more up to date & friendlier Blogger would be, the more (I guess) you will attract your old & new user.

I have pledged to myself on my 33rd birthday last 2-3 days that I will once again be active in writings as I was years ago. I used to write for newspapers, magazines, articles on many issues long time ago. I want to start fresh. Wanted to express my point of view through writings so that it could be a statement on my stand point. Hoping that this post would be a starter for me to stay true to my birthday pledge.