My Loyal Companion

Since 2007
This watch is a gift from my parents in 2008 on my LL.B graduation day & I wear it ever since. It has been with me through thick & thin all this while. I even wear it during my engagement & marriage. Thanks to my parents for this awesome gift that I cherish so much.

Unfortunately it broke a couple of days before my departure to London this year. It has been my loyal companion during travels & visits to all over Malaysia, to Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Jakarta, Singapore, Bandar Sri Begawan, Medina, Mecca & Geneva before. Its the 1st time I'm leaving it home to be repaired.

Thankfully after sending it for repairs, today I got it back with some of it's inner parts being replaced with spare parts which is quite hard to find for an old model. Alhamdulillah, after over 10 years of service, my watch survives for a lot more of adventures to come. InshaAllah.