Enough is Enough !

The day I post my entry "Typical Father", my son got new bruise again! Just two days after the previous bruise. Annoyingly, this third bruise happen consecutively within a fortnight. That evening when I pick Ameen up from his nursery, his guardian explained the new bruise with a large smile on her face. I was really angry and took Ameen and his things without even caring what the damn she says as an excuse. Enough is enough!

While on my way home, I ask my wife to get the contact numbers of the nursery's manager. That night my wife spoke to her and she did not gave us any excuses and blame her employee for the incident. If it is not because of her being the mother of our dear friends, I would proceed with my plan on reporting the incident to the police, Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat (JKM) and Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU).


This negligence should not be let away. Our due complaint and decision to quit sending Ameen to the nursery must be noted with high alert. The manager should take actions against her negligence employee. And I say, mere exchanging the employee to other branch IS NOT ENOUGH!

As the guardians hired in a nursery, all the children being send there must be taken care with highest safety precaution. It is not enough by having a good facilities. Lacking of competency of the the guardian must not be tolerated. In our case, we have gave two chances for the nursery to prove that they are up to the standards they claim for. And it turns out that they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

The nursery should have thank us for not prolonging the case. If reports were to be made, the nursery would be investigated by the authorities involves. Even if in the agreement signed by the parents that no law suit can be made against the nursery, but due to the reports, the nursery's operation may be stopped by the authorities.

We have send Ameen to a new nursery. but it may be temporary. We are still searching for the best option. My son is very precious to both of us. If something bad happens to him due to our decisions, it is something that I can not forgive myself. May Allah protected him and made him as the betterment of Islam and this ummah.

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